It has been a long time, but I come with gifts.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman, is a story about an unexpected journey taken by the author. As he navigates a series of events in his life, he - and we, the readers - learn that sometimes the most important thing is to give up control and live in the moment.

Despite his success, college student and world-champion athlete Dan Millman is haunted by a feeling that something is missing from his life. Awakened one night by dark dreams, he wanders into an all-night gas station, meets an old man named Socrates, and his world is changed forever. Guided by this eccentric old warrior, drawn to an elusive young woman named Joy, Dan begins a spiritual odyssey into the realms of light and shadow, romance and mystery, toward a final confrontation that will deliver or destroy him. -Back of Way of the Peaceful Warrior
A truly uplifting story - each reader will get a little something different out of it. Some may not take to it completely, others may throw themselves into it enthusiastically.

You can find this on Amazon for around $10: Click here
I also learned while looking up this link that this book was made into a movie in 2007. You can find the movie here for about $12. And if you would like to purchase the book with the original cover (pictured above) you can find it here at varying prices from other sellers.

If you're more inclined to listen to things rather than read, I came across this young woman touring with Sylvia Browne. While I went to
see Ms. Browne, I have to admit I was completely unimpressed with the woman. That was likely due to the overwhelming interest I had in Colette Baron-Reid. She was stunning, and had a story to tell. It was less the words she spoke and more her voice and her energy that drew me in. And then - she sang.

Not only does she sing - but she has written a few books [of which I can't say much, I have yet to
read them.] and has a couple of meditation CDs as well as actual songs. Her voice is enchanting, inspiring, and it is one of the first meditation CDs I have actually been able to
follow. It is that CD I recommend now. Journey Through The Chakras is a guided meditation that leads through
each of the chakras, cleansing, purifying and re-aligning them. Every time I sit and do this meditation, I always walk away feeling upbeat, level-headed,
calm and controlled, and I always feel both powerful and empowered.

The following is an example of her guided meditation, also swiped off of YouTube. This is not one of the ones included in the chakra CD, but it is beautiful to listen to nonetheless.

(Just ignore the spelling error in her name. These aren't my videos, but I may need to make one soon. It's strikingly difficult to find her music in a form I can share in a blog.)

She has been one of the most amazing women I have ever seen. Perhaps I will make a video for one of her chakra meditations so you may hear an introduction to that. In the meantime, even if you choose not to look into the book or the CDs, I hope the music and the meditation brings you a little bit of peace.

Love & Light~