In Hindsight...

Every year we walk away from 365 (occasionally 366) days of learning. Sometimes, we carry these lessons into the next year and grow from the experience. Other times, we easily forget or casually toss them aside. Sometimes we have to relearn them the hard way, and other times we never think of them again.

In an effort to avoid that this year, I have listed the top eight things I have learned from 2008. I encourage everyone who reads this and feels so inclined to do so as well, and leave a comment linking to the response so that we can find them all.

8. Smelling like boy on my legs was worth the $0.95 men's shaving cream can.

7. Laughing is a fundamental element of the healing matrix.

6. Intuition is never wrong when given the respect it deserves.

5. Humans were born to be creators. Manifestations of energy - art, dance, dreams, physics equations and even schematic sketches are all testaments of inner fire.

4. Our greatest strength is not outside, but inside. The passion that drives the heart is formidable. The strongest ally and the greatest enemy. Our own desire potentials our undoing.

3. People are bouncy: the bigger the butt-kicking, the bigger the rebound.

2. Sometimes whimsical is the best way to go.

1. Love is all we truly have. It is what and who we are, and it is the only thing we really have and can freely give to everyone.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Give Love this season!

You-did and badboy69

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